GW Face Masks

COVID-19 has changed the lives of all of us in the world. While we feel the discomfort of these changes here in Canada, our team in Nepal is feeling the effect of these changes in greater measure. The country has been In lock down, people are unable to work and there is no government support to help financially. Even basic necessities and food are hard to come by with these strict measures in place.

You can actually help support the team and women in our Nepal Program today by purchasing one of our fabulous GW FACEMASKS. 100% of the net proceeds from each face mask sale will go directly to our Program in Nepal, supporting many women and children to ensure their freedom. For every mask YOU purchase, our team in Nepal will be able to gift a mask to someone else in need locally. Not only can you help keep your family, friends and community safe, but you can also help to make a difference to those in need within Nepal. This is truly a ‘Product of Hope’.