Spread the Love – Calgary’s Valentine Themed Fundraiser for SA Foundation

February 20, 2015

With the close of another successful event, we wanted to hear from a volunteer's perspective on how it went!

Ten days to go and ten tickets sold. It’s the kind of scenario that makes the palms sweat of even the most seasoned volunteer organizing a fundraiser.

We need not have worried. Calgarians, albeit at the last minute, opened their hearts to ‘Spread the Love’ at the recent valentine themed event in support of SA Foundation. On the evening of February 7, 2015, guests who arrived at the Bow Valley Christian Church were treated to an evening of music, mingling and fun. From the ‘Spin to Win’ to the ‘Rose Raffle’ to the gorgeous display of Global Wonders jewelry, patrons had the opportunity to spread the love to participants in SA Foundations programs

New West Symphony and Chorus, who “believes in using their platform to help erase poverty by partnering with organizations that serve the less fortunate,” volunteered their astounding musical talents for our event. The crowd sat mesmerized through the performance. When Lise Daumler, Global Wonders Sales and Marketing Coordinator, asked the audience to contemplate what one of the women who had been exploited might imagine love to be, a pin drop could have been heard. The message was received by our generous guests and their hearts and wallets opened.

Following the performance, delicious goodies donated by the ladies of Hillside Community Church and hot beverages from Cruising Café were available to our guests. As magician Rob Vanden Heuvel and acoustic guitarist Xavier Davidson entertained the crowd, smiles on the faces of those who had joined us to Spread the Love were the marking of success of our second annual event.

As a special surprise to top off an incredible evening, a Flash Mob made up of many of our volunteers lead by Michelle Neufeld from Fit for Change, began dancing. What a delight to experience and a spectacular way to close off the successful evening of spreading love.

As the once sweaty palmed volunteers packed up big grins replaced those once looks of concern ten days prior. The event raised more than $9000! Just keep the faith.


Thanks to Sue Slaght for guest-writing on our blog today! If you've volunteered with us in the past, we'd love to hear your perspective. If you're interested in writing for us, contact us!

All the above photos kindly donated by Mikhaella Ico Thanks again!

All photos of magician Rob Vanden Heuvel kindly donated by Julia Vanden Heuvel.

And, as always,

Happy Shopping!

- Your Global Wonders Team

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