We know freedom involves more than escaping harm; it means access to education, it means economic empowerment; it means the ability for HER to be able to consistently provide for her family. This is true freedom and #ITSTARTSWITHME.

The SA Foundation designed the Skills Development Program alongside its recovery curriculum to meet the specific needs of these young women and their children coming out of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Global Wonders was created to share these products of hope with you, designed and made through HER education and skill development journey.

The outcomes of her journey through the Skills Development Program are excellently crafted and beautifully handmade pieces, a gift of purpose that you get to purchase. These products are designed by women in our Vancouver, Canada program and produced by women in our Kathmandu, Nepal Program. Your purchase acts as a means of supporting HER workmanship and education, a way for you to champion HER and a tangible way for you to share HER story of freedom.

Why SHE needs your investment

These young women have the most barriers to overcome to be truly free from the devastating enslavement they have endured. We know healing and change takes time, which is why we at the SA Foundation are committed to stay and help support each woman for up to 7 years. This enables them to transition through recovery to living financially free, where she can provide for her family without being forced back into a life of slavery.

Throughout her skills development journey she is financially compensated, promoting real work experience and helping her to sustain her family each month. This reduces the fear that a lack of finances may cause, so her journey of recovery is not compromised. Click here to find out How Our Skills Development Program Helps Set Her Free.

You see, as you Buy, Wear and Share you give a voice to every woman in our SA Programs worldwide that there is a future for her and for every woman still trapped in sexual exploitation and trafficking, that there is hope.

Yes her journey to a life rewritten may start with a necklace or a scarf…but that necklace or scarf is the bridge to her pursuing more! Maybe because of your support she gets the opportunity to train to become a nurse, a child care worker, a teacher…etc. Your purchase and provision turns dreams into reality for women and their children worldwide. You are investing in more than you know when you financially support her training, because when you empower her she becomes a generation changer! She and her child now have a future with unlimited potential, free from enslavement.