We are a social enterprise of The SA Foundation – which provides long-term recovery & housing for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation; as well as a Skill Development Program. We sell the beautiful Products of Hope that are made & often designed by the women in our Skill Development Programs in Vancouver & Kathmandu.

Skill Development is an essential step in the healing process for survivors of Human Trafficking & sexual exploitation. It provides unique training opportunities for the women - allowing them to learn new skills, discover hidden talents and build up their confidence! Each class empowers her to believe in herself, dream again & think about what HER Future could look like.

Our program also provides a safe space to process & heal from past trauma. Our staff are trauma-informed and are equipped to handle any incidents that may come our way. We know that healing takes time, and we at Global Wonders are here to be that stopgap between recovery & future employment outside of SA.

We also want to make sure that each woman knows her worth & that she is valued! So we pay a fair living wage, showing her that she is worth it! We support each woman along her journey & encourage her to pursue her dreams - that is why we offer flexibility in our shifts so that each woman can work part-full time while going back to school.

When you support & purchase Global Wonders Products of Hope you are investing in another woman's journey towards a life rewritten!