Global Wonders

In 2003 the SA Foundation  started a related business venture called Global Wonders. The goal of the Foundation is to stop the sexual exploitation & trafficking of young women and their children globally through implementing their unique recovery model. The model includes recovery programs, short and long term housing, childcare, life skills development and job training specially designed for women who have escaped sexual exploitation and trafficking. Watch the video below to see how SA Foundation uses their unique program model to bring hope & healing to the women we serve:

Global Wonders offers you unique handmade products that combine the work of women in our Vancouver program and the women in our Nepal Program. East and West meet in these beautiful artisan creations that are offered to you at affordable prices. Don’t miss one season of designs because they are rarely repeated. Artisans are paid fairly for their work even before the product is sold.  All proceeds from the products go back into supporting our Global Projects. Your purchase ensures that we are able to continue offering recovery programming and financial support for these beautiful women and children. You are investing in their freedom and future.Global Wonders is more than jewelry, it’s a statement, a stand against injustice, a way to breach the uncomfortable topic of human trafficking. Our goal is that each piece of jewelry starts a conversation; not just about the travesty of modern-day slavery, but also about a sustainable, fair-trade method to teach girls marketable skills and build their self-esteem.Participant L came to the Nepal Program. This is what she said:

“My life before coming here was hard and not worth living. I wanted to give up. I had no hope. The experiences of my past left me with no skills or way to make living. I was truly lost. A friend invited me to check out the Nepal Program that she was at, with nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try. I entered a beautiful, safe home and a program that offered recovery from my addictions and past hurts as well as teaching me life skills, vocational skills and the opportunity to know the real God. As I studied I got all the answers to my questions, and was very happy. I learned about the love and plan of God, soon accepted Him as my Lord and Savior, and shortly after was baptized. My experiences and overall recovery enables me to support, minister, empathize and give hope to other women who access the program. I now have a hope and a purpose. I am living life positively and now working as a member of staff at the Nepal Program.”


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