GW Custom Candles

We are so excited to start offering Custom Candle Orders to you! If you need corporate gifts, specialty items for gift baskets, wedding favours or even want to bulk order candles to gift your friends and family we can help. 

For all of our candles we use premium soy wax - which burns cleaner and longer than other types of wax. All of our signature scents were blended in-house and are also available for you to order, or we can create a custom scent for your specific needs. We use all-natural essential oil blends, so you can rest assured that each candle is made with the highest quality. You can also choose between cotton or wood wicks for your custom needs. We take pride in our work and love creating something that will be used in your homes!

Our new labels have a space where the name of the woman who made your candle is written so you can truly appreciate this handmade product of hope and the gift that it provides to the women who make them. We are also able to create custom labels for your candles with your company logo on them.

Every Custom Candle Order creates a job for one of our Vancouver Skill Development ladies & helps us to continue to provide empowering employment opportunities. Thank you for considering us for your gifting needs! 

How it works:

1. Complete the form below so we can send you a quote and begin working on your custom order

2. We will get back to you within 2 business days with a quote

3. Once you confirm & place your order we will invoice you & begin working on your Candles

4. If you want custom labels made we can also work with you on this design to include your logo & any other details you'd like 


Custom Candle Order Form: